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Starting your own GPT site? Choose the most reliable and automated script in the industry.

Welcome to ShiftCode, where our goal is to bring you the best products in the GPT business, including regular improvements and enhancements to our current products! The Get Paid To (GPT) or ‘Paid to Signup’ Script will allow you to present your members with offers from advertisers, which they can complete to receive a set amount of points or cash.  Click  here   to lean more about  ShiftCode Licensing and Hosting   !

Our products have been proven and tested for stability, quality and a user-friendly environment. With thousands of clients any problems are reported instantly which gives you a smooth running script. Updates and new features are released on a regular basis, all updates and fixes are automatically inserted and corrected on your site, no need for downloads and reconfiguration.  Click  here   to lean more about  ShiftCode Licensing and Hosting   !  If you may have any specific pre-sales questions we suggest you consult our  ShiftCode Discussion Forum   (open to the public)  ShiftCode Sales Information   section or as a last resort you may open a  pre-sales ticket here .

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