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    • Q) I've noticed references to 'Sales' and then 'Licensing' in regards to my ShiftCode script licensing 'purchase' - What is meant by this?

      • A) Yes, when you purchase a license for the ShiftCode GPT site script you aren't really buying the physical script or code.  Instead you are purchasing a limited license to use the script for a specific purpose while also paying for ShiftCode to host that script on ShiftCode servers. For security purposes no one is ever given access to the entire script. You are, however, given access to the code on many member facing code functions (which you may alter at your own risk.)  We have no plans towards the forseable future to offer the entire script for purchase and self-hosting.

    • Q) What is a GPT Site?

      • A) The term GPT stands for Get Paid To and it is an innovative type of online web site that ShiftCode is largely responsible for its popularity today as the ShiftCode GPT script has become synonymous with the online interface (our script) that most people think of when you say 'GPT site' (we've been innovating in the commercial GPT site script business for over a decade now!)

        Typically a GPT site is a type of rewards or incentive based site that allows GPT site members to complete simple tasks in the form of CPA (cost per action) offers of the PTS (Paid To Signup) variety and Paid To Click (PTC) offers towards earning online currency accredited to their GPT site member account in the form of cash or points which they later may withdraw in the form of online money processors (like PayPal, etc.), mailed checks or money orders, prepaid debit cards (delivered physically though the mail or in some cases instantly online - just the specific card information is shared online), prepaid brand name store or service cards (also mailed or delivered online), physical prizes, and items such as account upgrades or advertising.

        GPT site members may also earn based on their performance in offer completion contests and referral contests in addition to winning through the configurable Jackpot system. Also, GPT site admins may choose to provide a nominal signup bonus to both the newly resistered GPT site member and/or the member who referred them. Then there is also a promotional code ('promo code') system that the administrater may invoke to provide members with unexpected perks. The GPT site proprietor (admin and/or owner) get's paid a usually much larger amount from his/her upstram advertisers or CPA affiliate networks (advertiser middle-men) for offer completions by members thereby realizing an overall profit for each action completed.  

    • Q) How reliable is ShiftCode hosting?

      • A) While we constantly shoot for 100% uptime - the are, however, circumstances beyond our control and our current uptime figure falls closer to 99%.  As with other ecommerce sites such as the sites we serve there is always a certain element of the population on the internet that are dead-set on bringing down sites at will via surruptitious means such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.  We have taken great care to minimize or eliminate the effect of such attacks though occasionally the offensive attacks are too strong or specifically pointed for even our own specialized servers.  Also, from time-to-time we will issue maintenance / upgrade downtime notices while other rare times we find that a certain script patch or server reconfiguration is needed immediately (without time for proper notice)  These situations are not at all uncommon to any internet based service.

    • Q)  Can I Host My Own ShiftCode GPT Site?

      • A) No, for security purposes we do not 'sell' any scripts hence to maintain the integrity of our systems then we host all instances of our scripts.  We purposely restrict access to the heart code of the script to avoid hacker access to deconstructing the code and finding possible holes in security (as all code has inherently)  We also employ extensive professional code strengthening software to analyze and suggest patches to our code that strengthen security.  The result is that our code is the most secure commercial GPT script available!

    • Q) Will ShiftCode Host My New GPT Site on a Domain of My Own Choosing?

      • A) Yes, ideally you will have purchased your own top level domain and after your ShiftCode script licensing purchase you will need to simply change your domain name servers to our name servers and your new GPT site will be served from our data center servers at your own chosen URL on the domain of your choice.  Also, as a stand-by measure we also will provide you with a sub-domain off of our domain though we don't recommend that you use this sub-domain as your main URL for your GPT site (it comes in handy though only in extremely rare emergencies)  We highly recommend that you choose a short .COM domain for your best success.

    • Q) What Forms of Support Does ShiftCode Provide?

      • A)  We are very proud of the numerous channels and types of support we make available to our valued clientelle.  For account specific urgent one-on-one support we recommend that you complete a Support Ticket.  For more general support then in addition to this very extensive Knowledgebase (which you actually are reading part of now) we maintain a public online Discussion Forum which also has support areas for peer-to-peer support of ShiftCode clients, to further keep communication flowing this client portal has an Announcements and Network Status (Server News & Information) section, there is the private (clients only) ShiftCode Official Facebook Group (which location (URL) you will be made aware of (if/when asked and your client status verified) and accepted into upon becoming a ShiftCode client), as well as numerous thrid party support options online (plenty)  In addition to the more formal support option provided we are fortunate that there are so many passionate, knowledgeable, and generous individuals (your fellow admins) who are usually more than happy and willing to help.
        ShiftCode Official Facebook Group     

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